Xero Software Training Services

Xero Training for Bookkeepers and Business Owners

Xero has advanced to become one of the leading cloud accounting software to be used in recent times. The reason why this software has gripped the interest of many small and medium-sized business owners is that it does not require any installation, updates or backups, making it easy and simple for the owner to set things up and get the software running in no time.

With our dedicated training modules, you will be able to learn and become exceptionally skilled at the task of:

  1. Customising various charts for exceptional report handling
  2. Uploading and using customer statements and invoices
  3. Setting up the relevant bank feeds in Xero

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in the field of Xero training, we can help business owners and bookkeepers alike, in adapting to the change.

For a very feasible price, we offer a dedicated and exceptional training module, which has been specifically designed after keeping in mind the specific requirements of business owners and bookkeepers. We offer our services over an online interface so that you do not have to travel to us for learning the training as well. With our expertly curated service, you will be able to make the following differences to your business or bookkeeping function:

  1. Always be on time with your work.
  2. No more fiddling with papers and files to find the relevant documents or managing them.
  3. Pay your dues on time and avoid paying fines
  4. Stay up to date with the movement of funds
  5. Be able to manage your payroll function with ease.

Interested in making your business better or learning new skills as a bookkeeper? Join our training today and learn everything that you need to become an expert at managing your funds better!

Learn Xero

Whether you are a business owner or certified bookkeeper, our Xero online training is designed to help you learn Xero in the most effective way possible.

We will guide you from start to finish with setting up your accounts in Xero.

Here’s what you can expect from Xero Online Training.

How to Set Up Xero

Learn the basics of Xero like entering your company, customer, and vendor information, connecting your bank accounts, and setting up a chart of accounts.

  • How to Set Up Organisational & Financial Settings
  • How to Set Up Invoices
  • How to Set Up Multiple Currencies
  • How to Set Up Tax Rates
  • How to Set Up a Chart of Accounts
  • How to Import A Chart of Accounts
  • How to Set Up Products & Services
  • How to Import Products & Services
  • How to Set Up Customers
  • How to Set up Suppliers
  • How to Import Customers & Suppliers
  • How to Import Customer Invoices
  • How to Import Supplier Bills
  • How to Set Up Account Balances
  • How to Invite Users

Managing Banking & Credit Card Transactions with Xero

Learn how to manage banking and credit card transactions. You will learn how to connect all of your bank and credit card accounts to Xero, what transactions you need to enter manually, and how to reconcile your bank and credit card accounts to Xero.

  • How to Set Up Bank Feeds
  • How to Reconcile Downloaded Bank & Credit Card Transactions
  • How to Manually Enter Bank & Credit Card Transactions

Managing Sales & Income With Xero

Learn how to manage sales and income for your business in Xero. You will learn how to create sales forms such as quotes, invoices, and credit notes. We also cover how to apply customer payments to invoices and how to run the accounts receivable report to stay on top of your unpaid customer invoices.

  • How to Create an Online Quote, Bid, or Estimate
  • How to Invoice a Customer
  • How to Create A Credit Note
  • How to Receive Customer Payments
  • How to Create an Accounts Receivable Aging Report

Managing Bills & Expenses with Xero

Learn how to manage bills and expenses in Xero. You will learn how to create and manage expense claims and vendor bills, and mark bills paid online and with a check. You will also learn how to run an accounts payable report so that you can stay on top of all unpaid vendor bills.

  • How to Create & Manage Expense Claims
  • How to Create a Bill
  • How to Mark Bills Paid Online
  • How to Pay Bills with a Cheque
  • How to Create an Accounts Payable Aging Report

Managing Online Payments With Xero

Learn how to get paid faster by allowing customers to pay online, and how to properly record credit card payments and fees from merchants in Xero.

  • How to Accept Online Payments From Customers
  • How to Reconcile Credit Card Payments & Fees From a Merchant

Reporting in Xero

Learn how to create each of the three key financial statements: income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. You will learn why it’s important to review these reports regularly and how to create and customize each of these reports.

  • How to Create an Income Statement
  • How to Create a Balance Sheet Report
  • How to Create a Cash Flow Statement